Human-powered Texting for Scaling Outreach and Mobilizing Change

Mobilizing for agility means using tools enabling groups to increase audience intelligence, break down dense topics, share important reminders, and/or call supporters to action.


An effective outreach strategy includes the orchestration of agile and dynamic tools designed for target audience engagement.  These tools collectively attract attention and build bridges between your cause-based work and your supporters. The challenge for many organizations is that traditional outreach  practices require significant internal resources and operation time, but don't foster human-to-human connection in the capacity needed to resonate and mobilize action.

This white paper takes comparative look at text and video messaging versus email, phone banking and snail mail. For example: 


Agile communication tools like conversational peer-based text messaging and video messaging amplify conversations, intensify personal relationship, and mobilize action that is helping shape today's best outreach practices.


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